VSS-212 Authorized Climber Safety & Rescue

VSS-212 Authorized Climber Safety and Rescue

VSS-212 Authorized Climber Safety and Rescue – $800.00

Available as an open enrollment class in LeRoy, MI.

This two day course coincides and interacts with students taking VSS211 & VSS313. This course is designed for individuals who perform a job while working at heights, may it be working on wind turbines, broadcast, wireless, communications, water tanks etc. Our curriculum meets and exceeds OSHA Training requirements for fall protection, rescue training, PPE, ANSI Standards, and NATE Climber Training Standards.

This course is recommended for those who work under a competent climber and are required to have an understanding of the mechanics, parts and performance of the equipment used on the job.


Day 1 is spent with students being taught the correct procedures for selection, use, and operation of the equipment and tools used on the job. This course also covers employee roles and responsibilities, OSHA law, company policy, site hazards, tower hazards, rope, knots, equipment Inspection, care and maintenance, rigging, safety plan, coworker rescue, self-rescue, and controlled descent. Day 2 starts with written exam and concludes with tower rescue training.

This course is taught by lecture, power point presentation, and hands on interaction with harnesses, lanyards, connectors, tools, rope and rigging apparatus. Students will receive over 300 pages of educational information and resources contained within the student manual to be used during class and for future reference.

Certification of training and photo ID card will be awarded at the end of class for successful completion of the written exam and tower maneuver test.

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Course Summary:

  • Introductions
  • Course overview/objectives
  • Gravity does not take a break
  • Speeding up technology
  • Organized Confusion (Policy, Standards, Rules, Regulations)
  • Gauge the Hazards
  • Fall Protection Systems (PFAS)
  • Anchorage/Connectors
  • Lifelines – Vertical/Horizontal
  • PFAS – Inspection, Use, Care, Storage
  • Ropes and Knots
  • Man Riding, Nets, Rails
  • Personal Safety/First Aid
  • Hazards – Site/Environmental/Structure
  • Safety, what’s The Plan?
  • Rescue and Response
  • Review, Questions, Discussion

Tower Climbing Maneuvers:

  • Safety Meeting/Hazard Assessment
  • Select/Inspect PPE
  • Select/Inspect PFAS
  • Assist with rigging tower
  • Use safe climb cable/Lad safe
  • Use lifeline with fall arrest
  • Practice rescue procedure with controlled decent device
  • Maintain three points of contact
  • Face climb using fall arrest Y lanyard
  • Use ladder climb system
  • Demonstrate appropriate knot and identify
  • Climb under control and maintain 100% tie off