VSS-101 – Introduction To Tower Climbing


Available as an open enrollment class in Le Roy, MI. Seating is limited to 8 seats

Introduction to Tower Climbing is designed for the new climber with no knowledge of basic fall protection or experience working at heights.   This course provides students with the basic fundamentals for proper selection, inspection, use and care of Harnesses and connector’s.

The Personal climb safety segment of this course is enhanced with real time on a tower practicing the information learned in class.  This course provides students with the basic knowledge needed for a safer transition into the work field and provides an advantage to more advanced certification training.

This 8-10 hour course starts with class room lecture incorporating hands on use of a variety of climbing equipment and concludes with students maneuvering on a 100 foot tower at their pace of comfort.

This course is also a great opportunity for Company personal that may not be a climber but needs a better understanding of the terminology, tasks, and equipment required for a climber to safely and efficiently preform their job. Purchasing department personal would benefit greatly from learning the proper equipment required by OSHA to work at heights.

This introduction to tower climbing class is taught by lecture, power point presentation, and hands on interaction with harnesses, lanyards, connectors, tools, rope and rigging apparatus. Students will receive numerous educational handouts of new climber information and resources to be used during class and future reference for continued learning.

Certificate of attendance will be awarded at the end of class for participation.  Student record of evaluation and other pertinent class documents will be sent to employer for student training file.  Those who are seeking a basic understanding and not necessarily a career in climbing will be encouraged to climb but not required, Student will need to bring a full body harness, 1 fall arrest 2 leg lanyard and 1 restraint work positioning lanyard. If unable to provide contact us for equipment rental options.

See our Training Calendar for open enrollment dates and seating availability.

Class Agenda



So you want to be a tower climber

Death by gravity

OSHA 101

Fall protection equipment

  • Harness, Lanyards, Connectors
  • Use, selection, wear
  • Inspection, Storage

Tower Styles

  • Self-Support
  • Guyed
  • Monopole
  • Stealth
  • Non-Standard

 Hazards 101

  • Site
  • Structural
  • Environmental
  • Tools & Task

Personal Climber Safety, Best Practices

Safety what’s the plan

Class Review

Disperse to training tower

Students will discuss hazards associated with

  • Site/Structure
  • Tools/Tasks
  • Environmental

Select proper lanyards, connectors, equipment for 100% Tie Off

  • Descending on ropes
  • Using a safety climb system
  • Maneuvering around the tower

Anchor Point Recognition for fall arrest & restraint

Students will climb and practice tower maneuvers according to the proper climbing techniques learned in class.

Certificates of attendance will be awarded.